What’s Your Poolside Personality?

woman enjoying pool

Do you plan on hitting the pool this summer? Or maybe the lake, beach, or water park? I may hit the pool – I’m not much of a “pool scene” person, but there is a nice free neighborhood pool near me. I grew up swimming every day in my backyard pool, and I still miss it!

Whether you’re planning on hitting the pool or not, celebrate summer pool culture with my latest quiz: What’s Your Poolside Personality? Let me know what you get and if you plan on swimming this year 🙂

3 replies on “What’s Your Poolside Personality?”

You Are Hip

You love to explore in the summer, and you’re all about finding lesser known gems in your city.
You can’t imagine going to a trendy or popular swimming spot. Not when there are other spots to swim with more privacy and character.

You may not care about the latest summer fashion trends, but you know how to rock your own unique style at the pool.
Summer is all about being yourself and doing what you feel like. And you are the first to know about the cool new places every year (sometimes)!

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