What Scent Bath Bomb Are You?

raspberry bath bombs

Do you like bath bombs? I occasionally like to buy one as a treat. I love how they infuse the bath with luxurious smells and textures. They are like a trip to the spa but much cheaper.

What sort of bath bomb should you put in your bath? Take my latest quiz to find out:Β What Scent Bath Bomb Are You?Β Let me know what scent you get and if you like it!

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You Are Watermelon Bath Bomb

You are confident, assertive, and a total go-getter. At least, that’s your public persona.
In your off time, you are as sweet and kind as can be. You only have a tough outer shell for the outside world.

You find nothing more relaxing than letting your guard down in the privacy of your home. You like to let go and just be.
You have the strength for this world because you have your own nurturing taken care of. You are many things to many people but always secure in yourself.

You Are a Pomegranate Bath Bomb

You are a bit eccentric, and people are very curious about you. You live by your own rules.
You can be both sweet and sour, but you tend to be moderate with your moods. You are very balanced but never bland.

You find nothing more relaxing than doing detail oriented work. You need to keep your mind busy in order to stay happy.
You have many little sides to your personality, some of which are quite tucked away. It takes work to get to know you.

I got peach. Reminds me of a saying: “You can be the sweetest peach in the world, there’s always gonna be someone who prefers apples.”

“You are a sweet and bubbly person with a kind word for everyone. You are very friendly.”
I’ve never been called bubbly, but I hope people see me as friendly! πŸ™‚

So, where do I get this bathtub with a view of outer space? πŸ˜€

I didn’t know you started your blog again!! Wow, where have I been?? Haha. I got grape..yeah I do get overwhelmed easily and need peace and quiet to recharge

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