What Kind of Hero Are You?


Do you consider yourself a hero? You probably don’t, but most heroes don’t consider themselves heroes. I think many of us are everyday heroes and that being a hero doesn’t have to be as big of a deal as movies make it out to be.

Find out what your heroism style is with my latest quiz: What Kind of Hero Are You? Comment and let me know what kind of hero you are! How true is your result?

7 replies on “What Kind of Hero Are You?”

I am a Rough Diamond and so true, really like your blog

No one would consider you a hero, but they may be surprised to learn that you’re more heroic than you seem.
You don’t really brag about the things you do for others, and if anything, you cover your good deeds up with a lot of attitude.

You seem rough, brash, and the furthest thing from a traditional hero. No one knows how pure your heart really is.
You may keep people guessing with your unconventional ways, but deep down, you are a good person. Your actions speak to who you really are

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