What’s Your Platonic Personality?

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Have you heard of the four temperaments? They’re an old way of categorizing personality types that still influences modern personality typology. The temperaments go back, way back. Plato had his own take on the four temperaments, and they still have modern relevance today.

Wondering what kind of personality Plato would say you have? Take my quiz: What’s Your Platonic Personality? Let me know what you get and how true it is for you. I got Artisan, which very much fits me, but almost every one would fit me pretty well.

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It works. I like drawing and writing stories, experimenting with recipes and doing my own thing basically and I really really dislike being in a rot! I love having freedom to be myself and dislike anything otherwise.

I got Artisan.
The description seemed typical for an engineering personality, but I never associated it with being an artisan.*
Interesting spin on the word ‘platonic’!

*The English language apparently lacks a SOB verb for being an artisan. I looked up artisanstry or artisany with no luck.

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