What Does Your Hot Dog Say About You?

hot dog with the works

Happy Memorial Day! I hope those of you who celebrate are enjoying your day off. I plan on spending some time in the sun and eating some delicious food. But of course, first there’s a quiz to take.

My latest quiz is in honor of holiday barbecues and everything grilled. I don’t know about you, but I like my hot dogs a very particular way (mustard, onion, relish, and hot sauce!), and it probably says a lot about my personality. What Does Your Hot Dog Say About You? Comment and let me know what you get!

4 replies on “What Does Your Hot Dog Say About You?”

You Are Laid Back

You are easygoing and just happy to be included in the fun. You find it easy to be happy.
You don’t think outside the box unless you have to. You don’t care for fads or being novel for its own sake.

You like to make life as simple as possible. Clutter and drama are more trouble than they are worth.
You prefer to be cozy and comfortable. It may take a lot of coaxing to get you to agree to an adventure.

What do you think?

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