What Picnic Food Are You?

picnic sandwich

Do you like picnics? I love them! Holiday weekends are a great time for a picnic, but I like a picnic anytime the weather is nice. They’re even great in your own yard!

What is your picnic personality like? Take my latest quiz: What Picnic Food Are You? I’m down for any type of picnic, but the simpler the better. I like to focus on enjoying my surroundings and company 🙂

5 replies on “What Picnic Food Are You?”

I got “Wine and Cheese” (even though I’m allergic to alcohol and sulfites! ;D ). This part of the description, though is SO TRUE!: ‘You don’t understand how people get bored in this world – everything is interesting to you.’

I love that result! And I’ll I’m not allergic to alcohol, I’m adverse to the taste. So let’s say sparkling cider and cheese for us 🙂

What do you think?

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