What Color Swimsuit Should You Wear?

colorful swimsuits

Happy swimsuit season! I love the promise of warmer weather and an actual occasion to wear a swimsuit. And of course, it’s always a treat to pick a new suit out – with all the colors and styles available.

What swimsuit color would best fit your personality? Take my latest quiz to find out: What Color Swimsuit Should You Wear? Comment and let me know what you get! Do you have plans to break out the swimsuit this summer?

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You Should Wear a Purple Swimsuit

You are a very gentle person and a total free spirit. You do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t harm others or yourself.
You are more sensitive than you let on. It gets under your skin when people criticize you for being different.

You are creative and original. You like to express your individuality in all aspects of life; you can’t go with the crowd.
You are attracted to what’s unconventional, eccentric, or even ugly on the surface. You like to discover the hidden beauty of things.

And a little bit of green

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