What’s Your Personality Category?

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I don’t even have to ask you if you have ever thought about what your personality type is. If you take Blogthings quizzes, you have at least a passing interest in personality theory. And as you might know, a lot of personality theory is based on four temperaments. There are a lot of ways to categorize people, and whenever I see a new spin on personality categories, I have to make it into a quiz. (Yes, I have to. It’s an obsession!)

My latest quiz is a new spin on basic personality theory, and I think you’ll enjoy it: What’s Your Personality Category? Comment and let me know what you get. Is this usually the sort of result you get on personality quizzes, or did my quiz reveal a new side of your personality?

3 replies on “What’s Your Personality Category?”

I got “Consistent” –and I think that the description is all very true. (Except that occasionally I might try to mix things up a little, even if they’re working–but then I’m likely to go back to what worked. ;))


(And when I tried commenting via WordPress, it swallowed the comment again!)

I got that too, and I agree with your assessment for myself as well 🙂 Too much consistency is boring!

I’m so sorry about the WordPress bug. I will do some research on it after work and see what we can do. I also reported it to my technical better half, so hopefully one of us can figure it out soon. I remember this happened before, and we were able to fix it with a software upgrade.

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