The Boba Tea Test: Take This Delicious and Colorful Personality Test Right Now!

assortment of bubble tea

Have you tried boba tea (or bubble tea)? It’s one of my favorite warm weather treats, especially when it’s too hot for my normal, beloved warm tea. If you aren’t familiar with bubble tea, you’re in for quite a treat. This drink begins with a sweetened iced tea that is often blended with fruit or milk. Then the signature bubbles are added to boba tea, giving it a chewy texture that you sip through a thick straw. These bubbles are often made of tapioca pearls, which taste much better than they sound!

In my area, bubble tea coms in all sorts of delicious flavors. I’m talking everything from chai to hazelnut to honeydew. Sometimes you can even sneak a little coffee in there too! I love all the flavors and assortments of boba tea, although my absolute favorite is Thai Iced Tea Boba Tea. Bubble tea shops have been popping up all over where I live, and they are a delicious (and inexpensive) alternative to iced coffee drinks.

My latest quiz is a quick image quiz devoted to Boba Tea: The Boba Tea Test! Give this one a go for some quick boba tea fun. Or if you’re looking for something more traditional, try What Flavor Bubble Tea Are You? (BTW, boba tea and bubble tea are the same thing! Just two different terms for it)

Let me know what you get on either or both of these quizzes… and what you think of bubble / boba tea 🙂

Discussion questions: Have you tried boba tea? What did you think of it? Are you a more traditional tea lover? Then check out What Kind of Tea Are You? and What Tea Latte Are You?

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