What Constellation Are You?

cassiopeia constellation

Do you like a little star gazing? I love to check out the stars, especially when I get away from the city. Growing up I saw a lot more stars, and I spent many nights just looking up at the sky. I love it!

One of the best things about looking up in the sky is noticing any constellations that you can see. I love learning about constellations, and many of them are mythologically based. My latest quiz matches your personality up to famous constellations: What Constellation Are You? Let me know what you get and if you like star gazing!

4 replies on “What Constellation Are You?”

You are incredibly resilient, and no one should count you out, ever. When you’re at your worst, you rise up and surprise people.
You are constantly remaking yourself and rising from the ashes. You haven’t failed more than most people, but you have had more comebacks.

You are driven to be independent and self-reliant. There is nothing you hate more than being trapped.
You are a natural healer, and you know how to overcome your wounds – both physical and emotional.

You Are Unicorn

You are quite unique, and your uniqueness is not just skin-deep. You are special on the inside as well.
You are very powerful, but you aren’t aggressive. You are gentle and docile – you never need to force anything.

You don’t like power struggles and tend to bow out of overt competitions. You prefer to cooperate.
You respect age and experience. You have never felt the need to rebel much … you’re different enough as is!

I may or may not cooperate and am sometimes rebellious.

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