What’s Your Power Word?

power words

What makes you powerful? I ran across a list of power words recently, and I thought they summed up how we each have different strengths quite nicely. Some of us inspire others; while some of us are good communicators.

Are you ready to learn about your personal power? Take my latest quiz: What’s Your Power Word? Comment here to let me know what you get, and if it’s true for you!

6 Replies to “What’s Your Power Word?”

  1. Your Power Word is ENHANCE

    You are quite perceptive and effective in all aspects of life. You make things better, a little at a time.
    You just follow your intuition in life, and your own voice is the most powerful one you know.

    You don’t overwhelm yourself with big dreams or aspirations. Instead, you are a big believer in incremental change.
    If you can make anyone’s day better (including your own), then it’s a day that’s well lived.

    I’m not very intuitive.

  2. I got “Enhance” and I like that description very much–and I DO like to see small but steady growth in all things!

    (By the way, when I try to post while logged in with WordPress, the comment disappears altogether!)

        1. Drat, I will try to search for a bug report. We are using a pretty standard install, so maybe there is some info out there somewhere.

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