Are You NYC, London, or Hong Kong?

ship in hong kong harbor

Have you ever dreamed of living in a world city? I think it could be fun to live in one of the biggest cities in the world… and it’s hard to choose just one! I love the idea of never running out of cool things to do or places to explore.

What city would be best for you? Take my latest quiz: Are You NYC, London, or Hong Kong? Could you imagine living in the city you get? Comment and let me know!


6 replies on “Are You NYC, London, or Hong Kong?”

You Are Hong Kong

You are ambitious, expansive, and worldly. You are open to life, and you hate to be limited to just one view point.
You thrive when you can be around of a variety of people and influences. You love to get exposed to new things and ideas.

You are super fascinating yourself, and you need to be in a city like Hong Kong that can maintain your interest.
You love the idea of making it to the top in a city that feeds your soul. You’ll groove on the sights, sounds, and shopping in Hong Kong!

I could use more ambition.

I can’t believe you actually didn’t get NYC! London seems lovely – I have never been, but it could be a nice sabbatical from NYC at least 🙂

I visited London once, but I’d love to go back. I love the pace and energy of New York, and all the museums and theaters and all, but London also has a great sense of history. (I understand that so does its housing, which is less appealing, though!)

What do you think?

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