What Scent Soap Are You?

coconut soap

Do you like different smelling soaps? I love them – they are definitely an indulgence I enjoy. I found some beautiful images of homemade soaps, and a quiz was born!

Wondering what soap scent best fits you? Take my latest quiz: What Scent Soap Are You? Comment and let me know what you got… as well as what your favorite scent is.

8 replies on “What Scent Soap Are You?”

Chocolate Soap

You are a very remarkable person, and others find you hard to forget. You have a strong personality.
You can be a bit brash and overpowering. You do things differently, and people either love that or hate that.

You may be a bit dominant, but you use your powers for good. You love to help others, and you look for win-win situations.
You are quite dynamic and energetic. You get totally involved in any project or job that you take on.

**Knocked it out of the park again! This completely fits my Enneagram type. 😀

8w9, actually. Which is somewhat odd for someone who’s an ENTP. They tend to be 5, 6, or 7. And most ENTPs who are 8 are 8w7.

What do you think?

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