What Music Should You Dance To?

woman dancing hip hop

Do you like to dance? For me, it all depends on what kind of music and atmosphere we’re talking about. And from what I can tell, other people agree.

Dancing can be totally fun with the right music and a total bummer if you’re not into it. Want to know what music you should groove to? Take my latest quiz: What Music Should You Dance To? Let me know what you get… and if it surprised you!

3 replies on “What Music Should You Dance To?”

You Should Dance to Country Music

You may like to dance, but it’s only because you like music. And for you, dancing is all about your partner.
You don’t need some slick moves to get out on the dance floor. You’re mostly concerned with not embarrassing yourself.

You are a bit shy, and you don’t like to draw too much attention to yourself. You would rather hang back in most social situations.
You are the type most likely to dance in order to make someone else happy. And you’re not about to enter a dance off anytime soon!

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