Are You Book Smart or Street Smart?

woman on street

Have you ever wondered if you were street smart or book smart? Or maybe a mix of both? I’ve noticed that a lot of my friends growing up started out one way or another, but where they ended up was often different.

Take my latest quiz to see where you fall on the smarts continuum: Are You Book Smart or Street Smart? Is it true for you? Comment and let me know!

5 replies on “Are You Book Smart or Street Smart?”

You Are Smart

When it comes to book smarts versus street smarts, you’ve got them both, baby! You are well-rounded.
You can geek out and study up like no one’s business. But you also know when it’s time to just dive in and start learning.

It’s likely that you started out as either a book smart or street smart type and learned the other to help get by in the world.
You wear many hats, and you take a flexible approach to life. Very few people know what you are capable of.

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