What School Era Are You?

elementary school class

If you could go back to school at any level, what would you choose? It would be easy for me… elementary school. I love craft projects and making a mess with glitter 😉 Middle school and high school? Not so much. Maybe college if I had enough money to study anything.

What about you? Do you have a school era that fits you? Take my new quiz to find out: What School Era Are You? Comment and let me know what you get 🙂

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You Are Elementary School

You are easygoing, playful, and a kid at heart. You are still happy to get a new box of crayons.
You aren’t dumb – in fact, you’re smart enough to keep things simple. People complicate life too much these days.

You get along with people of all ages, and you have a special fondness for children. You still have a very active imagination.
You love to experiment, explore, pretend, and imagine. This world will never run out of curiosities for you.

I think a lot but I’m not very imaginative.

What do you think?

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