What Does Your Favorite Easter Candy Say About You?

candy covered chocolate eggs

Do you like Easter candy? I love it. Even though I’m all grown up, my family sends me a package of Easter goodies every year that I always look forward to. I love all of it, but I’m very partial to chocolate 🙂

What about you? Do you have a favorite Easter candy? Learn what it says about you in my latest quiz: What Does Your Favorite Easter Say About You? Let me know what you get! And if you don’t celebrate Easter, let me know what your favorite spring treat is instead.

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You Are Indulgent

You don’t hold back when it comes to treating yourself, and you’re the type of person who knows exactly what you like.
You may be particular, but you’re only picky about quality. You tend to think luxury brands are overpriced and overrated.

You love to kick back and enjoy life. You clear your schedule and really dig in to whatever relaxation time you have.
You refuse to worry or to be rushed. You savor everything you have, and you don’t believe in ‘fast’ anything.

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