How Do You Persuade?

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Are you a persuasive person? I have never considered myself to be much of a persuader… until I read a short article about how Aristotle saw persuasion. I realized that we all persuade in our own ways. And while I may not be good at certain types of persuasion, I do have areas where I can be quite convincing.

What about you? Find out with my new quiz: How Do You Persuade?

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You Persuade with Logos

You consider persuasion to be pretty cut and dried. Either the facts, reasoning, and evidence are there… or they aren’t.
You look at arguments very carefully, and you expect others to do the same. You think that logic speaks for itself.

The great thing about evidence is that it can’t be refuted. You look at sources carefully and gather as much supporting materials as you can.
And if someone can produce better evidence of the other side, then you’re open to changing your mind. It all comes down to the facts for you.

And some ethos

What do you think?

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