What’s Your Fashion Philosophy?

Every Woman Needs a Little Black Dress

When it comes to fashion, do you have a certain motto you shop by? I didn’t realize that I did until I found a cool set of fashion motto images! I thought fashion mottos were an interesting quiz topic, and hopefully you’ll enjoy unlocking the keys to how you style yourself.

Take my latest quiz: What’s Your Fashion Philosophy? Even though the image above talks about a dress, it’s suitable for guys and gals. Comment below to let me know what you get!

7 replies on “What’s Your Fashion Philosophy?”


You believe that ‘Style is a Way of Saying Who You Are Without Having To Speak.’ You know that the first impression people have of you is visual, and you do your best to have that match how you want to be perceived.

You can be a bit of a fashion chameleon at times. You are savvy enough to change your style to match the occasion. You don’t really try to blend in with your style, as appropriate as it might be. You add just enough flair to make sure you’re noticed and remembered.

My daily style tends to express my current mood – which is why my style is rather eclectic, but my varied wardrobe does speak toward my overall personality.

My result fits the bill pretty well. Nicely done.

I got Chic–and I think that’s about right. I’m very into spending more for basic pieces that I wear for years, and less on fashionable accessories that only last a season or two!

What do you think?

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