What Type of Name Should You Have?

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Do you like your name? I like mine, although it’s hard for many Americans to pronounce correctly 🙂 When I was younger I used to dream of other names, and I think it’s still fun to think about.

If you were going to have another name, what kind of name would it be? My new quiz will tell you: What Type of Name Should You Have? Comment below to let me know what name you get. What sort of name might you like to have?

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You Should Have an Eclectic Name

You are a very original person, and you are comfortable with your own personal brand of zany.
You are a nonconformist, and you wear your uniqueness as a badge of honor. You’re too busy having fun to worry about fitting in.

You ignore what’s in and randomly follow your own curiosity in life. You are more likely to start a trend than to follow one.
Eclectic names like Avis, Levi, Poppy, Atticus, Pandora, Elvis, Tallulah, Rufus, and Zola would suit you.

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