What Vegetable Are You?

baked potato with fixings

Do you like vegetables? I love them! I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t written a vegetable quiz yet, considering that I basically love all veggies. (Still working on okra!)

Find out what vegetable you are with my latest quiz: What Vegetable Are You? Comment and let me know what you get. I’m also curious to know what your favorite vegetable is!

4 replies on “What Vegetable Are You?”

You Are a Potato
You are super easygoing and flexible. You can get along with anyone and adapt to any situation.
You are well loved and popular. You are very dependable, and you never start drama of any sort.

You are straight forward and honest. People know exactly what they are getting with you.
You are comforting and even relaxing. Others feel at home whenever you happen to be around.

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