Are You a Smart Phone, Tablet, or Laptop?

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Do you still use a laptop for the majority of your internet use? Or have you moved over to a tablet or smartphone? I’m still a laptop user, but I use a cheap little tablet more and more – even for work. I spend the first hour or so of my morning on my tablet catching up on email, jotting down quiz ideas, and organizing my day. And after work, I jump right back on to relax by reading blogs and news sites.

I thought this would be a fun topic for us to visit again as the world becomes more touch screen. There’s a lot of new research separating out power users of tablets, laptops, and smart phones … so I wrote a new quiz: Are You a Smart Phone, Tablet, or Laptop?

Let me know what you get, and how you prefer to surf the web! If you use multiple devices, how do you use them?

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You Are a Tablet

When you use the internet, you dig in. You’re likely to get engrossed in an book, movie, or game.
You’re not as into bite-sized content and quick online distractions. You like to settle in for a while in a comfy spot.

Of all the types, you are the most solitary. You’re not so into a constant barrage of texts or social media messages.
You are very into media of all kinds, and you are always looking for great new photos, videos, and games to enjoy.

What do you think?

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