What’s Your Intellectual Virtue?


When it comes to intelligence, we are all smart in different ways. (At least, that’s what I think!) Even those of us who don’t consider ourselves to be major brainiacs have what I now refer to as “intellectual virtues.” I was intrigued by the idea of intellectual virtues after reading a simplified list of them, and I thought they would make a fun quiz 🙂

I know that this may make me a bummer to some people, but I do think that working on intellect, intelligence, and knowledge is definitely a virtue. I think that sometimes we forget how fun learning can be, and sometimes we get intimidated by learning new things. I try to challenge myself to learn as often as I can, even if my old brain doesn’t feel like it. In my opinion, intellect is not only a virtue but a choice.

I think there are so many fun things we can all do to increase our intellect. Of course, taking a class is always an option. I think it can be so much simpler than that though… maybe even just opening up a new magazine or learning a few words in a new language.

Do you agree that intellect is a virtue? I have a feeling that you do, because Blogthings quiz takers tend to be a curious bunch. Check out my latest quiz: What’s Your Intellectual Virtue? What do you get? Do you think it describes you well? Let me know what you think of your result.

Discussion questions: In which ways do you consider yourself intellectual? In which ways would you like to be more intellectual? Do you still like to learn? What’s the best thing you learned or studied recently?

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5 replies on “What’s Your Intellectual Virtue?”

Knowledge/wisdom (got intuition the first time and the only part that describes me is not caring about structure and having a good thing going on for the most part and after trying again more than once with other choices that fit me I got knowledge).

I also appreciate art (and I’m pretty visually oriented and observant but not always) though I suck at creating it.

What do you think?

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