What’s Your Color Decade?

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Do you like colors from a certain decade? I didn’t realize I did, until I read a magazine article from color experts showing the different colors for each modern decade. I definitely like some decades better than others, and maybe you do too.

Take my latest quiz, What’s Your Color Decade?, to see what decade’s colors you like the best! Let me know what you get, and if it seems to match your style. Another fun variation on this quiz would be to select the colors you like least as well to see which decade is kind of meh for you 🙂

9 replies on “What’s Your Color Decade?”

Well. The one I liked LEAST was easy–and that was the 1970s. Yikes, that’s drab! (But I don’t know that I hated the 1970s actually–although I was in high school during the 70s, and I sure hated that!)

But for which I like best–the COMBINATION I like best is the one you have as the 1980s (I don’t know that that description fits so well), but the colors I like best is the 2000s, but not together with each other–and that description fits partly, but I’m not that in love with modern and minimalist… 😕

What do you think?

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