What’s Your Decorating Style?

boho loft with brightly colored objects

How do you decorate your home? Or if you’re like me, how would you *like* to decorate your home? (I’ve been a little lax on the home beautification front lately!)

I hadn’t done a home / decor / style quiz in a while, and some new photos inspired me to one. This may be more of an aspirational for a lot of us until we win the lottery 😉 I’m still waiting on that funky downtown loft! Let me know what you get on What’s Your Decorating Style?

4 replies on “What’s Your Decorating Style?”

I got “Traditional”, and that would be right for the big pieces, but I like things colorful and clean, but not really minimalist–homes are for living in! So I guess traditional, with a minimalist slant, but with pops of bohemian and bright… (Who said a home has to have one style, anyway? :D)

What do you think?

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