What’s Your Food Personality?


Do you love food? I hope so! I think we all do πŸ™‚ Do you find that you have the same taste in food as those around you? I sometimes do… I tend to like food that is fresh and maybe a little spicy. Some of my friends are down for this kind of food, but others aren’t into it at all.

Thinking about food compatibility made me want to write a quiz about food personalities. And here it is: What’s Your Food Personality?Β Comment to let me know what you get, and also let me know what kind of food you love!

9 replies on “What’s Your Food Personality?”

Simple food is so often the best! As you may have been able to tell from my bias in that result, I think a lot of complex dishes are trying to cover something up πŸ™‚

You Like Fun Food

You eat simply because you enjoy it, and you love food. You especially love delicious food.
You’re not too into foodie trends or the newest diet. If you like something, you’ll eat it – simple as that.

You love everything culinary. You love to cook, go out to eat, and grocery shop.
There’s nothing you like better than sharing a good meal with friends. Except occasionally keeping it to yourself!

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