What Type of Festival Should You Attend?

music festival

Have you ever attended a festival like a film or music festival? I have been to a few… some were for me and some weren’t! I think that calmer, more laid back festivals appeal to me. And that led me to write my newest quiz:Β What Type of Festival Should You Attend?

Comment and let me know what you get. Also, are there any festivals you’ve attended or would like to attend?

10 replies on “What Type of Festival Should You Attend?”

I got book festival–and it’s true that I probably wouldn’t really love any sort of festival, too MANY PEOPLE! But I could see a book festival, especially a chance to talk to authors whose work I admire, and to other book lovers.

(I love live music–adore it!–but I think even a classical music festival would be a bit overwhelming, never mind pop music of any kind!)

You Should Attend an Education Festival

You are a brainiac who likes to mull over everything. You are very reflective.
You like to get inspired about improving the world in some way. You love to think differently.

You are looking for the next big idea or insight. The more radical or outlandish, the better!
You believe that you can learn from others… and you hope that others can learn a little from you.

And maybe some book festival.

What do you think?

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