The Pie Test

whoopie pie

Happy Pi Day! Do you celebrate this goofy holiday? It’s really pretty simple. π is equal to 3.14159… and so on. So we celebrate it and all things pi(e) on March 14 🙂

I couldn’t think of a good quiz for π, but I do know a lot about pie. So in celebration of Pi Day, take The Pie Test. What do you get? And which do you prefer: π or pie?

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You Are Gutsy
Your the kind of person who likes to be all in with whatever you’re doing. You are bit on taking risks.
You love new and varied experiences. You get a kick out of to experimenting and exploring.

You aren’t exactly an optimist, but you are an appreciator. You are often on the cutting edge of trends, and you like many things.
You add a lot of excitement to everything you do and everywhere you go. You are lively, fascinating, and always on.

I got “You are Open”–but I don’t really think I am, although I’d like to be. I was really looking for a cream pie–Boston cream, or chocolate cream, or banana cream, or ANY cream! I just like creamy pies. 😀

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