Where Should You Study Abroad?

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Have you ever studied abroad? I would have loved to do it, but it was out of the question financially when I was in college. That’s okay, a girl can still dream… and maybe I’ll do it one day in a more informal way 😉

I decided to indulge my study abroad dreams with my latest quiz: Where Should You Study Abroad? You don’t have to be an actual student to take it; you just need to be a student of life 🙂 Let me know what you get on this one – and if you’ve ever studied abroad.

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i got : you should study in Sydney.
Actually i am from India, i have never been to any other country except India. i would love to go anywhere abroad.

I got Paris–and I could live with that! (Although I’d probably actually choose London…although maybe not, Paris would be a great place to study art history, which would be cool!)

Paris, I don’t know how I got this result being I don’t really care about history (I didn’t even pick modern history as a subject I wanna study) nor do I work more than play (other way around), Buenos Aires describes me better.

Tried it again (had to pick new friends and connections and tons of great surprises), got Buenos Aires, but I have trouble connecting because of social anxiety and laziness, even without such problems I can’t see myself making a lot of friends since I’m not social or extroverted (but I can see myself getting along with a lot of people). The trip I had in mind has to do with getting closer to a sponsored child (haven’t actually started yet since I need a credit card and probably a job preferably from home).

Check out the outcome for Mumbai, and let me know what you think. It could be part of your mix! But yeah, this quiz may be a bit more extroverted, aside from the Paris outcome (which was supposed to be fore more reflective, philosophical people). Funny considering I’m so not an extrovert 🙂

I know about the Mumbai result and it’s not really me. And I’m kinda reflective/philosophical but the Paris result doesn’t describe me well.

What do you think?

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