How Should You Unplug?

woman napping with cat

Did you know that today is National Day of Unplugging? I don’t know if I will celebrate it fully, but I do like the idea of unplugging sometimes. What about you? Do you take breaks from technology? I try to, but my breaks tend to be small breaks – mostly lounging in my tiny backyard with a book.

If you were going to unplug, how should you do it? Take my latest quiz to find out:Β How Should You Unplug? Let me know what you get on and how you prefer to unplug.

10 replies on “How Should You Unplug?”

I got “You Should Spend Time in Nature”, but I definitely should not! Nothing stresses me out more than a weekend in the country, with lots of bugs and mold and damp and nothing to do. (Years and years of summer vacations with the family talking there–I definitely know whereof I speak!)

I do get unplugged very often, though–every Shabbat, plus the Jewish Torah-holidays!

I noticed a lot of the National Day of Unplugging events were Shabbat related. Seems like a lovely thing to look forward to every week.

And yes, you definitely belong in the city πŸ˜‰ Maybe a park counts as nature?

What do you think?

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