Do You Listen To Music Like a Man or a Woman?

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Do you tend to like music that guys like or that gals like? I never really thought about this question before until I read an article about a statistical study of what artists men and women listen to online. I was fascinated by how some artists appeal only to men, appeal only to women, or appeal to both genders (either equally or unequally). Given this awesome research, I thought it would be fun to spin it into a quiz!

So take my latest quiz, Do You Listen To Music Like a Man or a Woman?, and let me know what you get. Have you noticed many gender differences in music fandom?

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You Like Music that Mostly Men Like

When it comes to music, you listen to artists that men like a lot and women like a little.
You like music that has more of a heavy sound, whether it’s rap, rock, or metal.

You love to rock out, and you are into any sort of music that makes you feel alive.
People in your life may be a bit skeptical of the music you love, until you invite them to a concert or show!

Yes, I like a lot of indie and rock music, not so much rap. 🙂

The quiz was pretty mainstream, mostly because the data was centered around most popular artists. I’m still trying to figure out how to make music quizzes that are better suited to the Blogthings audience, so I very much appreciate the feedback 🙂

I love that genre too… I’m listening to Angel Olsen’s new album today, and it’s so perfect!

I got music everyone likes. I think this is mostly true… but when I did the quiz with my second choices, I got music that mostly women like. So many somewhere in between 🙂 I will always sort of be a Lilith Fair inspired music fan!

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