What Caribbean Island Are You?

beach in dominican republic

Who’s ready for a Caribbean vacation? I sure am! Every winter seems a little longer and colder than the last, even in relatively warm Austin. All I need is a bit of cold before I’m dreaming of a warm beach vacation. Honestly, it doesn’t take much to want that at all.

So thanks for suggesting this quiz, Josh 🙂 I woke up to a sheet of ice all over my house, yard, and car this morning…and suddenly I felt inspired to write about warm beaches. It doesn’t look like I can get away to Barbados or Jamaica this year, so I’ll have to get my fix from writing a quiz!

I don’t believe that I have visited any area of the world that qualifies as the Caribbean, but I’m pretty sure I would love to go, especially if I could stay in an all inclusive, five star resort with amazing rooms and food. Also a swimming pool or two.

While I haven’t been to the Caribbean, I went to Cancun, Mexico many years ago back when it was safer to travel in Mexico. My goodness – I really loved it! It was extremely inexpensive to travel there, and my hotel included everything… drinks, meals, entertainment. The beaches in Cancun were amazing – with white sand and clear water. I also loved walking around the less touristy areas. I imagine that the Caribbean experience is quite similar, although probably safer these days. And I wouldn’t have to burden anyone with my rusty Spanish 🙂

Where should you go in the Caribbean? Take my latest quiz, What Caribbean Island Are You?, to find out! Comment below to let me know what you get on this quiz!

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