What Winter Olympic Sport Are You?

woman skiing downhill

Are you keeping up with the Winter Olympics? I like to watch whenever I can. My favorite sport to practice of all time (skiiing) is featured, and I pretty much love the rest of the sports!

What do you think? Is there a Winter Olympic sport you love? Take my latest quiz: What Winter Olympic Sport Are You? Comment below to let me know what you get!

8 replies on “What Winter Olympic Sport Are You?”

You Are Snowboarding

You are a very spontaneous person. You don’t like to plan, and you tend to follow your gut.
You tend to be a natural at whatever you do well. Even if you practice a ton, it’s only because it doesn’t feel like practice.

You can seem a bit irresponsible to those who don’t know you well. You’re on your own path, and it’s one they don’t recognize.
You follow your bliss, and some are very threatened by that. You always enjoy the ride though!

What do you think?

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