What Mount Rushmore President Are You?

mount rushmore

Happy President’s Day! I’ll still be working today, but I like to take at least a few moments to think about early US presidents. While none of them were perfect, they all seemed like interesting people. Over the years, one of my favorite hobbies has been to read biographies of US presidents, especially early ones. It’s fascinating to learn how so many of these leaders came from humble beginnings, even if they weren’t humble for their time. We have so much more now, and sometimes it seems like we do a lot less with it 🙂

President’s Day is a great day to think about President’s past, and while it was originally meant to commemorate Lincoln and Washington, I think we can use the occasion to think about all of the presidents we’ve had here in the US, especially the ones that are no longer with us. I know personally, that I’ve become a lot more interested in LBJ after living here in the Austin area. His presidential museum is really fascinating. John Adams is another president, much less recent, that I enjoy learning about as well.

It’s about time for a classic US presidents quiz, and I figured I’d extend it past Lincoln and Washington to include a couple others… those pictured above on Mount Rushmore. Are you most like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, or Abraham Lincoln? Take my latest quiz: What Mount Rushmore President Are You? to see what early American president you’re most like. Comment to let me know what you get… and maybe who your favorite US president ever was.

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