How Should You Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Do you like this holiday? I’ve changed my mind about it a lot over the years, but I’ve decided that I like Valentine’s Day … as long as there aren’t any expectations. I like to celebrate in my own low key way.

What should you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day…if anything? Take my latest quiz: How Should You Celebrate Valentine’s Day? Comment and let me know what you think of your result!

3 replies on “How Should You Celebrate Valentine’s Day?”

I got “You Should Celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day”! Well…I wouldn’t actually throw flowers in the trash. I’d probably give them to my mom! (The pollen gives me watery eyes anyway… 😉 )

You Should Do Dinner and a Movie In

You love a little Valentine’s Day themed celebrating, but you don’t like to go overboard.
Whether you’re single or attached, you like that there’s a whole day devoted to love. You are a bit of a romantic.

It’s perfect for you to spend a cozy night at home with the ones you love, even if you’re the only one you love right now.
A sweet movie, some good food, and warm blankets are the perfect formula for a great Valentine’s Day – no matter what your relationship status is!

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