The Love Test

raspberries on pancake

What is love like for you? Do you experience love in your own unique way? I thought that this would be an interesting topic for an image quiz… after I found a bunch of loved theme images that were all a little different.

Take my latest quiz, The Love Test, to see what love means for you. How accurate is your result? Comment and let me know!

4 replies on “The Love Test”

You Love Broadly

For you, love is an all encompassing thing. When you love, the whole world changes. Being in love makes you feel alive. Everything is more vivid, bright, and intense with some love in it.

Love may rock your world view, but you can survive and thrive without it. You have a good sense of perspective. And you don’t just limit your love to romantic love. Many days you feel in love with the whole world and life itself.

Rather apt, on my part.

What do you think?

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