Are You Mania or Depression?

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Are you a wild child or more of a cool customer? I definitely fall on the high energy side of things, and it was during one of my more energetic episodes that I thought of this quiz idea. Are You Mania or Depression? is not a mental health quiz… it’s just more of a barometer on your energy level and outlook through the manic-depressive lens 🙂 Let me know what you get!

2 Replies to “Are You Mania or Depression?”

  1. You Are Depression

    You aren’t necessarily depressed, but you do take a more low key approach to life.
    When it comes to a lot of drama and chaos, you really can’t be bothered to jump in the mix.

    You prefer to keep things on an even level, even if that level is pretty sedate. Sometimes the best action is inaction.
    You are less emotional than most people, and you find caring too much to be tiring. There is a lot of wisdom in your selective apathy.

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