Which Ocean Are You?

indian ocean at sunset

Do you love the ocean? I am obsessed with living near the ocean (though I don’t, alas!), and almost any ocean will do. I was ocean dreaming today, and I realized it was the perfect theme for a quiz!

Take my latest quiz: Which Ocean Are You? Comment below, and let me know what you get. Which ocean fits you best?

4 replies on “Which Ocean Are You?”

Bits of Atlantic (down to Earth slow down to appreciate my life and fairly content with the world), Southern (intelligent wanting to know more about the world and some big ideas), and Arctic (depth calm accepting the ups and downs of life don’t get caught up in temporary problems fairly stable and don’t usually let stress rattle me). And the way I see the ocean is a mix of Atlantic and Southern.

For Indian ocean I’m also open-minded and free-spirited, don’t like being pinned down or making plans, not very conventional, creative, and spontaneous.

What do you think?

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