Are Your Views More East Coast or West Coast?

seattle buildings

Do you feel like people from the west coast and east coast are pretty different? As someone who lives in neither but is familiar with both coasts, I think they are! Personality and political research seems to back me up on this one. A previous quiz, Are You LA or NYC?, explores some aspects of living on each coast, but I wanted to dive deeper.

So I wrote Are Your Views More East Coast or West Coast? – a quiz backed up by some polling research on coastal differences. Take a look, and let me know what you think!

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5 Replies to “Are Your Views More East Coast or West Coast?”

  1. I got “Your Views Are More West Coast”–but I really don’t want to live there, I love New York! So I took the LA v. NYC test, and got “You Belong in NYC”, which I DO! 🙂

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