What Kind of College Are You?

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What kind of college experience did you have? (Or would you like to have?) It’s amazing to me how college experiences can be so different depending on the school. I thought writing a quiz about different types of colleges could be fun, and anyone can take it – students, college grads, college hopefuls…

Check out What Kind of College Are You?, and let me know what you got. Does it match the type of college you would like to attend?

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You Are an Alternative College

Unlike most college students, you know who you are already and what sort of path you want to pursue in life.
You may have your sites set on performing arts, visual art, engineering, ecology, or writing. No matter what, you’re ready to buckle down and focus.

You would fit in well with a small student body, especially among people who share your deep interests and life goals.
You have been traveling down an unusual path for quite some time, and it would be nice to have some fellow travelers to bond with.

And a degree of liberal arts college.

What do you think?

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