What Season Do You Look Like?

woman enjoying winter snow

Have you ever heard of the coloring theory that breaks down eye, skin, and hair color by seasons? I swear we used to have a quiz like this on Blogthings, but it’s been lost to the ages. I decided to bring back this concept with my new quiz, What Season Do You Look Like?

Let me know what you get on this one and what you think of it! I may do a more in depth version with more outcomes if there is some interest πŸ™‚

6 Replies to “What Season Do You Look Like?”

  1. I’ve been into color analysis lately, so this quiz came at exactly right time. I knew I was either Autumn or Spring because of my warm undertones and golden brown hair. According to the quiz I’m an Autumn, which I believe, but can Autumns have blue eyes? I’d so appreciate a more in depth version with more results, because now there seems to be 16 different possible outcomes (4 for each season).

    1. Yes, I agree that there are so many more possible outcomes these days. From what I understand, you can be a blue eyed Autumn (I am!) if your eyes are more of a gray blue (like mine) or green blue. I’m seriously going to consider doing the mega outcome version of this one day πŸ™‚

  2. You Look Like Winter

    Your coloring is dramatic and elegant – just like the minimalist beauty of winter.
    You are likely to be deeply gorgeous, an exotic look of any ethnicity with intense eyes.

    You look best in bold but minimalist looks. You should make a statement with your style.
    You are the type that looks good in both black and white. And jewel tones really make you shine.

    I’m not really into jewelry but I own a pewter gothic cross.

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