What Style of Winter Coat Are You?

woman running in snow

Many Blogthings quiz takers agree … winter is so not their favorite season. I certainly understand. Sometimes the cold, dark nights feel like they will never end.

Down here in Austin, I feel like there is a lot to love about winter. Namely, it’s the only season that I can sometimes wear a coat. So in celebration of jacket season, I wrote a new quiz: What Style of Winter Coat Are You? Comment below, and let me know what you get!

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You Are a Puffy Jacket

You are a very active person. You love to be out doing things, especially outdoors… so you need to stay warm.
You tend to be a fairly casual person, and you don’t mind looking a bit like a snowman if the weather is cold enough. You love to wear warm layers.

You are a playful person, and you dig just being out in the snow having fun. Winter weather makes you feel like a kid again.
And while you love a winter wonderland, you don’t like being cold. You prefer comfort about all else when dressing for winter!

I do have a maroon-like colored jacket, and I can still fit into it! I love winter, and every winter I would figure skate, anywhere that has ice. I love hot chocolate, and just sleeping in. 🙂

Those are all great winter activities! I love ice skating too 🙂 My city is very low on ice skating since it’s so warm, but in December you can ice skate on top of Whole Foods.

You Are a Leather Jacket

You are a rebel. You do things your own way, and you don’t let winter interfere with your awesome life.
Nothing is going to slow you down. You do things your own way, and you don’t believe in hibernating.

In fact, you tend to be in denial about inclement weather. You still go out and have a good time!
You are the type who rather look good and freeze a little. Bulky layers cramp your style.

Actually I do put on an extra sweater and sweatpants when going out when it’s cold enough to snow, and one sweatshirt and pair of sweatpants when inside in the winter. I also don’t like it too hot or too cold.

What do you think?

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