The Comfort Test

woman inhaling cup of coffeeSome people think winter is the best season for small comforts! I tend to agree, but I also like comfort every day of the year. My love of comfort (and honestly, who doesn’t love comfort?), inspired my newest image quiz: The Comfort Test Give it a go, and let me know what comforts you in the comments.

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You have learned to make your own quite time and space in life. You couldn’t survive otherwise.
Whenever you can, you steal away a few moments to breathe and recenter. Even the craziest day needs a couple minutes of calm.

You are good at setting the right tone in your mind, even if the world is swirling around you in chaos.
You can go from 60 to 0 in a few seconds. All you need to do is breathe and find your happy place.

So true. I used to have a nice bathtub to sink in and I’d listen to my favorite music and sing or just remain quiet, fill it up with nice bath salts or bubbles, and buy me some expensive shampoos and consitioners and face masks. Oh man, those were the days. Now I have the comfort of the smell of my Dial Gold soap and a hot shower, but that is a luxury many don’t have and I am grateful!

You Find Rest Comforting.
You can skimp a lot in your life, but you can’t skimp on sleep or downtime. You need a solid night’s sleep, every night.
And if don’t get the rest you need, then it’s naptime for you. You won’t risk a meltdown or functioning poorly.

Rest is not just a prerequisite for you, it’s also just something you straight up love. It feels good to kick back.
There’s nothing more soothing than a lazy morning in bed, especially when it turns into a lazy day.

You Find Stories Comforting

You love to dream, imagine, and escape into a beautiful story. There’s nothing like leaving the real world for a while.
Books are the ultimate relaxation for you, but you can also be drawn into the right movie, tv series, or even song.

For you, there’s no better experience than finding a book you love, especially if you connect with the characters.
You can lose all sense of time in a story, and at the end of it all, you have a new perspective on the world!

Music and books really take me into another world. Is it just me, or when I feel “romantic”, I love listening to love songs and imagining myself in that situation, and when I feel sad, I read stories and looking out the window. I just love those little comforts. 🙂

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