What Color Do You Paint the World?

woman next to ocean with blue paint

Do you see some colors in the world more than others? I think I do. I always notice purple when it occurs naturally, as well as orange and red. Thinking about the colors of the world inspired me to write my latest quiz:Β What Color Do You Paint the World?Β Comment and let me know what you color you get!

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You Should Paint the World with Blue
If there’s anything you think the world needs more of, it’s freedom and individuality.
You love it when people express themselves, and you wish that others felt safe enough to show who they truly are.

You radiate acceptance and safety. Others intuitively feel like they can relax around you and be themselves.
You may be accepting, but you aren’t complacent. You are the type of person who makes things happen in the world.

I love blue! I just love noticing blue and it puts me in a calm mood. I feel blue just has that little something. I love the warm blue skies in Hawaii and Italy, and the HOT blue skies in Egypt and Australia, and the cold, crisp blue skies in Norway and Sweden, especially Canada. πŸ™‚
I also have cool undertones, so I’m lucky to rock blue everywhere I go.

I love your meditation on the color blue here πŸ™‚ Also, so envious of your travel. I can just sit back and picture all the places you mentioned. Love it!!!

I got “You Should Paint the World with Blue”–I like blue, and I love it when people express their individuality, but I don’t know if I radiate acceptance. I’d like to!

(I really prefer purple. :))

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