The Knitting Test

up close of patchwork knitting pattern

Do you like to knit? Knitting is one of my favorite ways to pass the time during cold winter days. My grandma taught me how to knit as a teenager (it took a few tries), and I’m glad I learned!

Whether you enjoy knitting or not, you should take my latest quiz: The Knitting Test. This fun image quiz was inspired by beautiful hand knit patterns. I wish I make something like the one above πŸ™‚

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You Are Consistent

You enjoy novelty, but you don’t feel like you have to go looking for it. You are good at noticing excitement around you.
You are very deliberate, and you enjoy a slower pace of life. You believe that things don’t really get good until you slow down.

You are sensitive and can’t help but absorb everything around you. You have deep feelings and emotions.
You intuitively get almost everyone, especially children and animals. You like to help others whenever you possibly can.

I love the ombre design on that image! I don’t normally have time for knitting though. My style are classic pieces with a fun little twist! I found this amazing knit sweater with a beautiful back and it was a soft, cardigan type sweater I found in France a few years ago, here is a link of something very similar:

I’m also really into this ombre knit sweater I got at Forever 21 (Yes, I’m small enough to still shop there, don’t judge me, I’m still in school πŸ˜› ) online:

I love your taste! And no shame buying stuff from Forever 21. I’m way past student age, but I will incorporate some stuff from Forever 21, H&M, etc into my closet still πŸ™‚

I LOVE knitting! (And you could make that pattern! It looks like it’s all just stockinette, just in little patches, so you make a square, then pick up a row from two of the sides; probably quite a bit of sewing in there, too. It’s not really a cable stitch–although those are a lot easier and more fun than they look!)

And I got “You Are Empathic”, which, somewhat yes. (But also influenced by the fact that I’m really cold right now and that stitch looks nice and cozy!)

What do you think?

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