What’s Your Downton Abbey Name? Find Out With This Fun Quiz!

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Do you like Downton Abbey? I have to admit that I’m totally addicted to this show! I wanted to write a Downton Abbey quiz that everyone could enjoy – both watchers and non-watchers alike. Although I have to say, if you don’t watch Downton Abbey yet, I really encourage you to check it out – especially with a movie coming up.

My favorite thing about Downton Abbey is the setting. It’s just so fascinating and soothing. I love the idea of living or even working at an old abbey, both removed from and a part of the world. Watching this show is a great escape from everyday life, but I also learn a lot at the same time. Plus, the characters and human drama are great πŸ™‚ 

Since the names on Downton Abbey are so fabulous, I figured it would be perfect for a name generator: What’s Your Downton Abbey Name? Let me know what your Downton Abbey name is. Do you like it? My favorite thing about this quiz is that you don’t have to be a Downton Abbey fan to take it… and maybe it will inspire you to watch the show.

Comment and let me know if you’re a fan of the show. I’m always looking to chat with other Downton Abbey fans. Who is your favorite character? Mine varies from season to season (Branson was my favorite for a long time), but I really like Lady Mary in season 4 πŸ™‚

Do you like quizzes like these based on TV shows? What other TV shows should I make name quizzes for?

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