The Monochromatic Makeup Test

9 different makeup looks

I loved these monochromatic makeup images so much that I had to make a quiz out of them. I never have liked the monochromatic makeup look until now, but I can see that it looks cool when done right. Maybe not for everyday use, but it could be cool for Halloween or a sci-fi convention 😉 What do you think? Take The Monochromatic Makeup Test and let me know what you get!

2 Replies to “The Monochromatic Makeup Test”

  1. I got “You Are Imaginative”–I’d certainly like to think so!

    I’m not much on makeup–it feels a little masklike to me–so I don’t wear much, and I prefer the natural look even when I do wear makeup, so I probably wouldn’t go for any of these looks in real life (even for Halloween!), but yeah, there’s definitely a futuristic vibe going on there!

    1. I agree! I wear a little makeup… but not much. In fact, a few months ago, my husband (of 10+ years) commented on me being a woman who does not wear makeup. Fooled him! So I guess I don’t wear much at all 😉

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