What Part of Winter Are You?

woman hit with snowball in face

I love winter, but not so much if it doesn’t snow. If it’s cold, there better be some white flakes coming down! At this point, it feels like winter will never end, but I’m inspired to make the most of it 🙂 I may have to occasionally wear a hat inside, but I’m getting by with lots of warm tea.

My least favorite winters are probably here in Texas. They aren’t so cold, but my house doesn’t have good insulation, so they feel pretty cold to me. Also, there’s no skiing or sledding… although we can ice skate on the top of Whole Foods. My favorite winters are in a snowy place like Colorado or New England, as long as I have a warm place to stay cozy in.

I like to venture out in the snow occasionally, and I have even been known to do a little skiing. No matter what though, I want to have a nice warm place to come back to. When I lived in Colorado, I got stuck in my suburban neighborhood for a week due to a ton of snow. I got so bored that I strapped on my downhill skis and skied down the street. That was so much fun, although hiking back up the hill was less fun 😉

This very cold week has inspired me to write a winter themed quiz. Check out out in order to celebrate winter with me… or maybe even commiserate a little 🙂 What Part of Winter Are You? Comment below and let me know what you get! Does your outcome suit you?

Discussion question: What’s your favorite way to pass the time in the winter?

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You Are a Snow Day

You are a dreamy person with a deep internal world. And you don’t like being dragged from your thoughts.
If you can get a day off from the responsibilities of life, you’ll take it! You would much rather be doing your own thing anyway.

You appreciate solitude and need it to cope in this crazy world. A whole day to yourself sounds heavenly.
You have many interests and intellectual pursuits that interest you. You can always entertain yourself!

You Are Hot Chocolate

Above all else, you seek comfort … even if this means you can be quite self-indulgent.
For you, there’s no such thing as a guilty pleasure, but this doesn’t mean you have base tastes. You are quite refined.

You are a very compassionate and caring person. You are a bit of a people-pleaser, but it’s only because you like people so much.
You have a romantic view of the world. You often see the best in people, things, and circumstances.

In Canada, there is a huge storm that even went as cold as -30 Celsius! And unbelievably, they still made us go to classes, I felt like my face was going to freeze off! I love hot chocolate, especially with some marshmallows, whip cream, and chocolate chips, topped off with a candy cane. Yum!

The coldest I have ever been in my life was in Montreal in February. It was like I wasn’t even on planet earth 😉

Ooooh, your hot chocolate sounds good. Enjoy! You’ve earned it for sure.

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