What Citrus Fruit Are You?

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Brrrr… I hope everyone is keeping warm on this very cold week! I know I depend on citrus fruit for a little brightness during these dreary winter days. I’ve been making fresh orange juice some mornings from oranges in my local produce box.

Do you enjoy citrus fruit in the winter? What Citrus Fruit Are You? Comment and let me know!

11 replies on “What Citrus Fruit Are You?”

You Are a Lime

You are an adventurous risk taker who loves to explore every aspect of this big world.
You have a taste for the exotic and the unusual. You tend to get bored with the same old thing – you want to be inspired!

You are hard to discourage, even if things seem impossible. You specialize in doing things people say you aren’t capable of.

You enjoy being the center of attention and even impressing people a bit. You’re on an adventure, and everyone is invited.

You’ve always been a bit of an oddball, and you’re okay with that. You can deal with criticism, and you often joke at your own expense

Whoa… that’s pretty spot on. Though I’m not quite a risk taker and I’m ambivalent about being the center of attention, it depends on my mood at the time really. Still pretty accurate, nice job.

You Are an Orange

You are an easy, breezy kind of person. You are truly happy in this world.
You are genuine about who you are, flaws and all. You love yourself, and others love you as well.

You are unpretentious and delighted with the world. You are never afraid to enjoy yourself and let loose a little.
You don’t really like conflict, and you try to smooth over disagreements. You prefer to get back to having fun!

Oh, I really like clementines too! I even remember a girl in my international school named Clementine, and she would love to eat them too, so we nicknamed her Orange. Memories…

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