Getting Philosophical with 6 New Quizzes

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Happy Friday! Whew, it’s been a busy week for me, and I’m glad I finally made it to Friday. 🙂 I have six new quizzes to share with you from the past week.

Do you like philosophy? I was pleasantly surprised how excited people were to get their philosophy on with my new quiz: What Branch of Philosophy Should You Study? I got logic, which is a perfect answer for a computer science / math nerd like me.

Do you spend your time working with others or by yourself? Sometimes I’m jealous of friends who have great coworkers, but I really like to work alone. I enjoy talking to Blogthings quiz takers, so I get the best of all words. What about you? Should You Work With People or Things? So far I’ve noticed that few people on Blogthings get the “people” result 😉

I think I was the last person in the world to wear skinny jeans, but now that I own some, I have to admit that they’re quite comfortable. I’m not sure about the bright colors on me, but I like how they look on others. What Color Skinny Jeans Are You? is a color quiz deep down. No need to be a skinny jean wearer to take it. This quiz is quickly becoming a Pinterest favorite, and it’s got nice big images to pin (as do all new quizzes).

For a little quick fun, check out my new name generator: What’s Your Kick Butt Princess (or Prince) Name? I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but this quiz was inspired by one of my favorite television shows… Adventure Time! (And yes, I know it’s a kid’s show!!!)

Of course, I had to write up a couple holiday quizzes this year. Do you own any ugly holiday or Christmas sweaters? You might like The Ugly Christmas Sweater Test! And it definitely can be holiday sweaters for non-Christmas celebrators – I called it “Christmas” because I have an ugly holiday sweater test planned for another time 🙂

I’m not even going to front… one of my favorite things about the holidays is getting presents (okay, besides seeing my family and baking treats!). There are so many quizzes about gift giving but very few about gift receiving. I decided to change that with What Kind of Presents Do You Like? And for the record, I like ALL the presents.

5 replies on “Getting Philosophical with 6 New Quizzes”

Aesthetics/metaphysics (aesthetics slightly more so)
Teal (didn’t answer a couple questions and don’t wear skinny jeans but the result describes me)
Rafael Jude

The presents quiz link takes me to century link website suggestions for some reason so I got to it another way.

Now that I think about it epistemology describes me better then metaphysics (I do sometimes strive to understand the world a little better though), though I like an equal amount of questions and answers.

Took a couple of the tests, so far–for the People v Things, I got I should work with Things (very true!), and for the philosophy test I first got I Aesthetics–which maybe–and then Ethics–which probably. (I had to take it twice because I had more than one choice for some of the answers!)

Ethics would be a probably for me too! And maybe epistemology. Of course, only if I were independently wealthy 😉

What would you consider political philosophy? Ethics?

What do you think?

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